Fast Track

The Fastrac system is capable of traveling at 10m per second. It will carry a twin camera package with ease, maintaining it’s lightening acceleration and short braking distances. It’s an ideal solution for use on shorter sets where speed is required.

It produces excellent results with Phantom shots. Want to ramp up to 1000’s of frames? Go for it, use the Fastrac and see the results!

The track can be floor mounted or on truss. This allows it to be flown, giving the ability to adjust focal height with minimal effort. It’s set up times on set are the shortest in the industry. We can pre assemble and test off set, then break into moveable sections and be up and running on set in 45mins. Once you’ve finished shooting on the Fastrac, we’ll be gone from the set in under half hour. A flown system can be sent up to the grid in 5 minutes and struck later, allowing you maximum shooting time on other shots.

The Fastrac can go round corners. If we don’t have the radius of bend already, we’ll have them rolled to suit your requirements. As expected, we can control the system manually to following unpredictable action.